V-C-Our Custom Trips

Our Custom Trips for Groups & Families

If you'd like to participate in a Purpose Bound experience with a particular group of fellow believers, we offer a custom trip option. You can choose one of our core trips for your group, or we can work with you to custom design every detail of your experience. For example, you can choose the islands you wish to visit, the program content, the onshore activities and the length of the trip. You can even provide your own group leader to head things up, with our skipper and first mate taking a background role. 

Your custom experience may lean more toward a mission trip, a spiritual growth trip, a retreat or camp, or even simply a fellowship trip. Plus, we can accommodate groups of any size. And don't think a custom trip is cost-prohibitive. As a non-profit Christian ministry, we simply help you plan your trip and pass along our estimated costs, including a small contribution for our administrative role in your trip. You can of course pay those costs in bulk, or we can facilitate the sharing of those costs among your participants through an individual trip registration and payment process.

While the possibilities are endless, here are some common examples of groups that might consider a custom trip: 

  • College, High School or Young Adult Ministry Group
  • Your Family, or Several Families
  • Small Group, Bible Study Group, or Sunday School Class
  • Father-Daughter or Father-Son Group, or Mother-Daughter or Mother-Son group
  • Singles Ministry Group
  • Men's, Women's or Couples Ministry Group
  • Pastor/Leader Retreat

If you'd like to talk with a custom trip planner, simply contact us, making sure to include your phone number and the best time to call. A staff member will get back with you shortly.