E-1-2-Island Travel Facts

Island Travel Facts

The following travel facts will help you better prepare for your trip:

Weather: The weather in the Eastern Caribbean region is consistently warm and tropical, with daytime highs averaging in the 80s (F) year round, and nighttime temperatures dropping to the 70s. The area can be humid, especially in the warmer summer months. As in most tropical destinations, some clouds and scattered showers are to be expected from time to time, but extended periods of overcast skies and steady rains are rare. The threat of tropical storms and hurricanes is the highest in August and September, but with modern satellite forecasting, there is plenty of time to prepare or even evacuate if necessary. The following links provide more detailed weather information for Antigua, which is typical for the region:  Short-Term Local Forecast - Monthly Temperature & Rainfall Averages

What to Wear: The island lifestyle is a very casual one, and the tropical weather suggests very comfortable clothing. Flip-flops, sandals and tennies are standard footwear, and shorts, t-shirts/blouses and even swimwear are daily staples. As Christians, modesty is always in order, and we have specific attire we ask of you while on-boat and on shore excursions. So before packing, please be sure to view our Dress Code.

Languages Spoken: English is widely spoken throughout the Caribbean islands we visit, though there may be areas on some islands where you will hear French, Dutch or Spanish. Expect a distinct and enjoyable Caribbean accent from locals. Overall, you should not find communications to be an issue in the Caribbean. When it is, relax, smile and enjoy the memory you are making.

Currency: On a Purpose Bound trip, you will be spending little or no money, so currency is not really an issue. The U.S. dollar is widely accepted throughout the Caribbean, as are major credit cards like Visa and MasterCard, particularly in the areas you are most likely to desire a snack or souvenir. On islands where there is a special currency, your trip leader will help with any currency conversions and make sure you are paying the correct amount and receive the right change. 

Banking: Banks and ATMs are readily available in the main port cities of all the islands we visit. However, it's always a good idea when traveling in foreign countries to carry some cash for unexpected situations.

Electricity: Because you will be living on a U.S. or British based boat, the electrical current and plug variations that exist on certain islands should not be a factor. However, our vessels will carry a converter/adapter kit in case an onshore excursion or service project requires the use of an electrical device (i.e., laptop, phone charger, etc.). Extra battery packs for cell phones, cameras, and the like are highly recommended.