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Our Vessels

All of Purpose Bound's vessels are chartered through the largest and most reputable professional yacht chartering companies in the world, like Moorings, Sunsail, and Footloose. These outfits are highly recognizable industry leaders that manage thousands of yachts from over 30 bases in over 20 countries around the globe. They all have a strong reputation for safety, quality and reliability, and their service to Purpose Bound is a critical component to making the experience a safe, comfortable and life changing one.

Purpose Bound charters all its yachts as "bareboat", which is a fancy way of saying that the charter company provides the boat and Purpose Bound provides the crew, not dissimilar to renting a truck from Uhaul. These yachts are built and fitted by some of the worlds leading manufactures and are maintained to the highest safety standards. Each vessel comes equipped with the essential gear for the sailing conditions expected on each trip.

People often ask what the accomodations are like on a sailboat. Very loosely speaking, they are not dissimilar to RVs. Everything you need--from bathrooms to kitchens to bedrooms--are provided. Of course, quarters are tight, but most people find that adds to the uniqueness of the experience. Check out this link for an example layout of a sailboat's below deck area. To learn more about the sailing yachts used on Purpose Bound experiences, please see the links below.