E-0-5-Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

A Purpose Bound experience is a very special one, and we want each and every one of our participants to be able to get the utmost out of their journey. With many different personalities joining together and living in close quarters for the duration of their experience, certain guidelines for the benefit of the whole group are appropriate.

As a Christian adventure, we look to general Biblical principals to be abided by, and accordingly our code of conduct can remain relatively brief. As fellow believers, we hope that common sense prevails. We do wish to draw particular attention to the following special areas:

Alcohol Consumption. While we do not believe that there is anything inherently wrong with occasional moderate alcohol consumption, we do believe that the nature of our experiences weighs in favor of an abstinence policy commencing with dockside arrival through disembarkation.

Dress Code. Our experiences take place in a warm and tropical climate where the norm can be very casual and even minimal clothing, and we engage in various water activities conducive to swimwear. Nonetheless, as Christians called to a higher standard, for the benefit of the group as well as others watching us, we require modesty in all clothing choices. In particular, female swimwear should be one-piece (i.e., no two-piece or bikinis) and male swimwear should be long/board shorts (i.e., no speedos). For the benefit of any of their weaker male brothers on the voyage, we also ask females to avoid tight-fitting and/or revealing clothing. For island excursions and service projects, an even higher standard of modesty is required, as local Christians are very conservative compared to what we are accustomed to in the U.S. Please use your discretion, but understand that your trip leader has the right to require a clothing change. 

On-Shore Demeanor. We need to remember that we are guests on the islands we visit, and that people will be watching us as Christians. Also, some areas of these islands are extremely conservative. While we are all about having some fun and enjoying our time on the islands, we also need to remember that we are ambassadors of our faith.

Smoking. For the health, comfort and safety of all participants, smoking is not permitted during any part of the trip or program.

Child Security. Our Child Security Policy is incorporated by reference into this Code of Conduct.

Violation. Except for the Vessel Skipper's authority over safety and security matters while on-board, the Trip Leader has the top level of authority on all matters of participant conduct and behavior. The Trip Leader is granted broad discretion in determining the propriety of any action or inaction. Typically, the Trip Leader will informally address anyone acting outside of these guidelines. In severe cases, the Trip Leader has the authority to remove a participant from the trip, as is further explained in our Legal Disclaimers.