E-0-6-Child Security


Purpose Bound has a special heart for orphans and other vulnerable children, and many of our experiences include orphanage visits or working directly with children. The welfare of these children is our number one priority, including their security, safety, privacy, dignity and other protections. Accordingly, we have developed this Child Security Policy. This Policy will be strictly enforced, including legal prosecution. All persons involved with our program in any way are deemed to have read, understood and unequivocally agreed to abide by this Policy, and to immediately report to us any violations by others (participants, staff, fellow children, etc.) that are observed or suspected. This Policy is subject to revision and enhancement, and should be referred to from time to time. Because the topics covered are either common sense for a Christian or covered by law, our policy statements will be rather brief.

Sexual Abuse. Kids can be cute and cuddly, and at the same time needy and craving attention, which can make them vulnerable to those with bad intentions. Any form of inappropriate touching or communication or otherwise will result in the harshest of consequences. While hugging and other forms of affirming touch are permissible, we simply warn you to exercise caution, as intentions can be misinterpreted by a child and by others around you, particularly when there may be differing cultural norms at play. Due to the importance of this issue, we trust you understand our need to take a "guilty until proven innocent" approach to any alleged violations.

Security & Safety. You are expected to always be concerned with the security and safety of any children we work with when in their presence or otherwise.

Privacy & Dignity. Any and all information you gain about an individual child should be held in confidence. Certain information, like last names and location addresses, may become known to you and should be held in the strictest of confidence. When working with children, your trip leader will let you know whether it is permissible to take photographs. If photographs are permitted, they should be for personal use only and should not be posted publicly on any web site, Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, you may post such photos on non-public portions of your Facebook or Instagram, etc., provided that no confidential information is included about the child. The plights of many of these children are unacceptable in modern world standards, but you agree to protect their dignity at all times. Exploitation, in any form, will not be tolerated.

Child Visitation & Communication Guidelines. You will be expected to adhere to site-specific rules and regulations established at each orphanage or other location where children are present, and to submit to the authority of local staff in all matters. Most significant is that you should NEVER be alone with a child; all visitation shall be in public view. In addition, all future contact with a child shall be channeled through Purpose Bound, and no direct contact (mail, e-mail, telephone, visitation) is permitted except where specifically authorized through us.

Any and all questions concerning this Policy, and whether a particular act may be in violation thereof, should be directed to us through our "Contact Us" page, using a subject heading of "Child Security Policy Compliance Inquiry".