St. Martin


St. Martin is another highly popular destination for Caribbean travelers, with its beckoning white sand beaches and unique island flavor. Many wonder why this island has two spellings: St. Martin and St. Maarten. Actually, this island is home to two distinct countries, one with French heritage and the other with a Dutch background. The cultural differences become very apparent as one crosses from one side of the island to the other. St. Martin is a beautiful island, but one with a mistaken identity. There are certainly pockets of luxury, with exclusive resorts, hillside villas, yachts and other signs of affluence. But a closer look beyond the travel brochures reveals an island that is very underdeveloped and impoverished. St. Martin thus offers Purpose Bound participants some special serving opportunities. And its close proximity to Anguilla and St. Bart's makes it an ideal base for exploration of those special islands. It also serves as the gateway to various other islands to the southeast that Purpose Bound visits on its longer trips.

Pictured: Anse Marcel, St. Martin

  • Where We Sail

    Our journey to St. Martin includes stops on both the Dutch side and the French side. St. Martin's proximity to Anguilla makes that island an ideal sunset cruise for some of our voyages. St. Barts is a several hour sail from St. Martin, making for a great day trip, including a sail-by to idyllic Ile Fourchue.


  • Our Mission Work

    We partner with local churches and other organizations on this island to serve on projects like these:

    • Orphanage
    • Foster care home
    • Kid camps & VBS
    • Misc. community service projects
    • Immigrant School


  • Local Sights & Activities

    Our visit includes time to experience local culture, explore history and partake of popular island activities such as:

    • Hike Nature Preserve
    • Tour 1767 Fort
    • Visit a Tropical Rain Forest
    • Explore Historical Buildings
    • Learn to Windsurf & Sail