According to Antigua's locals, this island paradise boasts 365 distinct beaches along its coastline of coves and natural harbors. Whether that's true or not, the island definitely has its share of idyllic white sand beaches and other natural beauty. A former British colony, Antigua also has a rich history, as it served as the British Royal Navy's eastern Caribbean headquarters during the 17th and 18th centuries. Famed Admiral Horatio Nelson was stationed there for a time, and Nelson's Dockyard and the Shirley Heights fortress overlooking and protecting it, are well-preserved reminders of the battles men fought over possessions. As night falls over the island, a very unique "whistling" sound from the local tree frogs combines with the waves lapping against the boat to make for a very peaceful night's rest.

Pictured: Jumby Bay, Antigua

  • Where We Sail

    We arrive on Antigua through the well-known English Harbour, home to Nelson's Dockyards and the Shirley Heights overlook. Depending on the service projects on your voyage, we either circle the island by boat, or use island vehicles, to visit the island's main town of St. John and other smaller villages and beach areas.

  • Our Mission Work

    We partner with local churches and other organizations on this island to serve on projects like these:

    • Orphanage and foster care home
    • Elderly care home
    • Kid camps & VBS
    • Misc. community service projects
    • Human condition tour


  • Local Sights & Activities

    Our visit includes time to experience local culture, explore history and partake of popular island activities such as:

    • Tour 1743 Nelson's Dockyard
    • Visit Shirley Heights Overlook
    • See "Devil's Bridge" Natural Blowhole
    • Visit Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation
    • Water Sports