A-4-Support Our Ministry


“We must support believers who go on trips like this so that we
 can work together with them in spreading the truth.” 3 John 1:8 (GW)

We are currently seeking an individual or team of ministry partners to assist with the following needs:

(1) Monthly tithe to support ministry leaders and cover certain other on-going administrative costs. 

(2) Several one-time gift amounts to cover specific start-up costs.

(3) Mini-loans to cover the cost of boat charter deposits pending the receipt of participant trip fees.

(4) Donating the use of a home, condo, office or sailboat docked in or near the Virgin Islands or St. Martin.

If you share our heart for the concept of this ministry and feel led to consider some form of financial support, simply contact us and we will provide you further details about our needs.

For the convenience of those with whom we've already spoken, you can make an online donation here. (We appreciate checks for larger donations so as to avoid credit card fees.)


*Legal Notice: This is simply a notification of ministry needs to a limited audience of fellow Christians who are inclined to seek out and support ministries like this, and is not a general or specific solicitation for donations from the general public.