Purpose Bound has established relationships with a variety of churches and other local organizations serving human needs on various islands in the Caribbean. The ones shown below are those that our current trips include for missions work or service projects. 

I Can Children's Home, St. Maarten


The I Can Children's Home houses from 20-30 local orphans. The exterior grounds are in a very dilapidated state of repair, with a virtually unusable playground, basketball court and ball field. Our visits to the orphanage will include needed repairs, as well as time with the children.






Soup Kitchen, Homeless Shelter & Street Outreach, St. Thomas


Homelessness and poverty are significant issues in the Virgin Islands, and one organization stands in the forefront by operating two soup kitchens, a homeless shelter, a street outreach and other generous services on St. Thomas. They have recently secured a new building (pictured) that is being converted to a soup kitchen and services offices. We have established a non-denominational partnership with the Catholic Charities of the Virgin Islands, and will assist them where most needed.





Queen Louise Home for the Aged, St. Thomas


The Queen Louise Home for the Aged is a government facility for low-income elderly needing assisted living. Unlike the mainland U.S., government facilities in the islands welcome Christian programs. Our visits to the facility will include singing of traditional hymns and other worship songs, as well as some one-on-one time visiting with the residents.




Her Majesty's Prison, Tortola


Her Majesty's Prison serves as the final place of incarceration for all of the British Virgin Islands. It houses approximately 125 inmates, most of whom are male. The prision is presently in a state of transition from a penal mindset to one of rehabilitation. Our visits will include speaking to various sized groups about life purpose and other topics to help prepare them for life after prison.






Crystal Children's Home, St. Maarten


The Crystal Children's Home currently houses ten teen girls and operates from a temporary rented facility. We will meet the girls for church, and then provide them a barbecue lunch from our boat. After that, we will simply hang out with them in the Phillipsburg oceanfront and beach area. 






Good Samaritan Foundation, St. Maarten


The Good Samaritan Foundation operates a small school that caters to poverty-stricken immigrant children who do not yet have the necessary papers to attend a public school. These children come to St. Maarten from places like Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and South America. We will provide needed school supplies, classroom instruction and/or repairs to the one-room school, which is housed in a small local church. We will also attend the Sunday evening service of this Spanish-speaking church, where many of the schoolchildren's families attend.





Nana Baby Children's Home, St. Thomas


The Nana Baby Children's Home is a small group foster care home, with several permanent residents and various temporary residents. On those trips that visit this home, we will assist them with various repairs and spend time with the children.






Rainbow Children's Home, Tortola


The Rainbow Children's Home is a small group foster care home, with one permanent resident, a severely handicapped young boy. The facility is also the temporary home to various children needing emergency housing. On those trips that visit this home, we will do things like host a barbecue for the children, play games or sports, or take the children and staff to a nearby bowling alley.